Imagined, lost world

The beauty of the eye is the touch of the skin

I feel you in soul as you caress my body with your eyes

Could there be a world

A world to be lost and forgotten in your eyes?

I feel the trample of your soul melting on to mine

My senses are filled

I am lost in the world beyond your eyes

Day and night

The breath you exhale is the oxygen that keeps me alive

And yet

Seems to kill me

For I am no longer living in my world

I am in the lost world and dare not seek the door

And it is only the beginning…

For I know the door that is there is only in me from fear

Fear is the door that is surreal in me

I want not to want but to feel the want

The door behind your eyes is a dangerous escape

For I am only human blood, body and soul

But with you I am whole…

There is no defiance as to what one seeks in the lost world

No memories that need to be forgotten

No pain that is blackening the path

Only the touch of two souls innocent and pure

I do not seek to go back for there it is not me

It is the shadow that follows me in the day

And makes me forget at night

I am only alive in the lost world

Inside your eyes

inside mine

Inside the lost world we imagine…

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