The Sea

We are a sea of wonderers struggling to be heard.

We are common among our struggles and pain.
We are common among our joys and cheers.
We are common in our blindness…

Where does one stop to see the common denominator?

We unite during struggles and pain
Yet seize to grasp the moment of  liberation,
From the virus that lies deep within us.
Which seems to feed off our separation.
I lay in front of the mirror naked for you to see…

See me as you…


You lack the self-love the self-knowledge you ultimately lack the self …
Open up your heart and soul and ground your self into the soil.
Scream without shame that we are human and living.

Don’t think of the future for when it comes
You will regret the past.
Live human now, for that is worth living for.

Be the common denominator in my life and I’ll do the same for you.
Feel the swirls of energy that you put into the world.
For ultimately that is your mark upon the world.
Look into people’s eyes as a door to their souls and appreciate them.
Love them, and want them to be part of you.

For after all, who are you without them?

Bring on liberation
And break free from the prison.
The prison we struggle in and call it living.
And KNOW my friend you are not living in your world
You are living in a game, in their game.

And yet we keep playing, wanting to win.
Yes that’s it winning, as if that will free you from your conscious.
As if that will free you from your chains
As if that will free you from your self.
You seem to forget you are playing a game that is not your own

You are chained down by cuffs that only exist
As a representation of yourself.
The key does not belong to you or me.
And neither do you.

But what if we all win?
Then no one can control or rule.

Or what if we all lose?
Then no one could control or rule.

Could that be our common denominator?

We are common because we love.
We are common because we bleed.
We are common because we are human.
Stay human to yourself and to others and the key will appear.

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