Second thought

As you can tell I’m all about love, feeling love, understanding love, and being out of love then trying to understand that.

I would like to go out of my comfort zone for a minute and go beyond love. Trying to understand the world or the universe we live in seems to be too much to think about yet alone write about, so I won’t go that deep. how about trying to understand the circle of people around us. who we choose to let into our lives and why?

We live in a world of about seven billion people. Some people don’t travel and don’t interact with a lot of people so I guess the choice of the people they let in, is very limited in options. Other people travel all around their own country, continent, world, so I would guess they have a lot more options as to whom they allow to let in. It is true sometimes we don’t have an options as to whom we interact with. It could be friends of friends, people we meet randomly in places we go, or just work colleagues we have to deal with.

The people we interact with I believe are those somehow we have to interact with, And yes they do influence us in one way or another. I believe anything in our day to day influences our minds, hearts, and energy levels, I also don’t think anything in life is random. What is interesting to me are those we allow ourselves not just to interact with but those we open up, allow our gates to come down and let them in. The idea that its all done on the conscious level and that we pick the people that perfectly fight with who we are and our life style seems a bit boring. Sure, we usually stick to those who have the same interest, mind set, political, and social background as ourselves, but not always.

This is where those “random” people come into place, those you wouldn’t necessarily meet, or go out of your way for, fall into your life. This is where your sub-conscious makes the decision to open up to a person, you do not “fit” with. This is where your sub-conscious throws you in the ocean. Those are the people that challenge and show us a clear reflection of who we are. The people who don’t agree, who will not go our “right” of way but show you their “right” of way. The people who make us feel so uncomfortable that we start to love having them in our lives.

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