Sleeping Soul

I feel my soul whittling away in the wind. With every blow dispare takes me. The life in me wants to breath, wants to believe. For as much as I have closed the lights and laid my head to rest. My heart still beats strong, it is a lion in an enclosed, abandoned cage. with every anxious feeling, every pain, I know it is my heart trying to pump blood back into my soul. My soul has found the darknessRead more

True love

I carry my love for you day and night The love for you that was once lighter than a feather… Is now heavier than my sins. Where did the break begin? I laid naked before your eyes exposed and cold Hoping this would break your fear. Yet, your fear grew stronger and your walls higher. For the more you loved me, the more you lost control. One day you’ll see, with true love there is no control. With true loveRead more

Control of love

She was scared from her heart to love. Her pain too deep to let go. She could see the pain she had caused, yet, She looked away. for she knew if she looked Into her eyes she would have no control over her heart… And that was the game she played to feel nothing.Read more

Piece of heart

There is a piece of my heart that is burnt. There is no more warmth, the fire has gone. There is a piece of my heart, where once there was love is now in pain. There is a piece of my heart that has gone never to return. There is a piece of my heart… but only a piece.Read more


Sorry my heart for letting you love so much you broke. Sorry my heart for setting you free in a world that has no freedom. Sorry my heart for not understanding how each day I let you out, you came back a little darker. Sorry my heart that you have learned to be like all other hearts.Read more

Love symbol

Oh my broken heart, this too shall pass in the dark silence of tears. The throbbing pain will throb less with each days passing You will see each loving step taken not the failures. Oh my broken heart don’t grow bitter and hard but make each crack a symbol that love does exist Oh my heart be that symbol.  Read more

Adore you

I adore the thought of you before your smell I adore the scent of you before your image I adore the sight of you before your speech I adore your thoughts before your eyes I adore… I adore your heart above all this I adore you my one… my onlyRead more